The Night Sword - Characters

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

Aelaron Da’Skandriss – Draoish Elf, Shadowdancer in the Employ of the Order of the Three

Augus Dennshray – Human, Member of the Luminati, The Father of Modern Runometry

Beh’Rhuna Or’Avantar – Orc (Or’Kranna), Time Witch, Defender of Greenmeadow

Belthazar – Fallen Archangel (Seraphim), Seeker of the Night Sword, Member of the Order of the Three

Caenus Graymane – Blink Dog, Oathsworn ally of Provectus Graymane

Dargenhurst Stonefury – Dwarf, Stonemason, Deputy Sheriff of the Greenmeadow Militia

Edwyn Riverford – Gnome, Librarian, Demon’s Prey

Friar Fendlewyk – Human, Priest of the Tengods, Protector of the Holy Flame of Greenmeadow

Gau’Rukh Or’Kavanok – Orc (Or’Kranna), Summoner, Battlecaster of the Or’Kranna Stronghold

Gru’Khan – Gnoll (Fiendish), Bloodhunter of Pavanoth

Inzaeus – Dragon (Two-Headed), Prophet, Member of the Luminous Guardians

Kasai Ogatsu – Human, Shugenja Mystic, the bride of Garou, Bearer of the Bloodcurse

Largus Vendt – Human, Former Member of the Luminati, Cosmic Exile

Nameless – Living Polymorph, Belthazar’s Eternal Assassin and Spy

Orrus Gaultaire – Human, Warlord, Member of the Order of the Three

Provectus Graymane – Human, Former Gladiator, Travelling Companion of Garou the Shade

Simone Delial – Nasnoi, Druidic Witch, Member of the Order of the Three

Spindle – Hafhie, Cutpurse, Regult’s Former Partner-in-Crime

Viscount Hayd Koskoval – Human, Imperian Nobleman, Secret Liaison to the Luminati

Vok’Tarrak Or’Akral – Orc (Or’Kranna), Outrider, Sub-Commander under Warmaster Aganon

Warmaster Aganon – Elf (Oldblood), Prophet, Enigmatic Warmaster of the Or’Kranna Orcs

Yll’Kragon Or’Vakyan – Orc (Or’Kranna), Outrider, A Warrior of Uncertain Loyalties

The Night Sword - Characters

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