The world of Wyrmshadow has a vast history replete with legends of beings great and terrible. So many legends; so many tales to tell. One of the earliest glimpses of these influential beings took place over a millenia ago, during the 1,000th Year of the Phoenix. We call this tale The Legend of the Night Sword.

The Night Sword is a legend from which an entire spiritual revolution would sweep the landscape of Wyrmshadow and alter the course of human civilization forever thereafter. In this tale, we learned of the great hero, a Human named Regult Martok, and his allies, the enigmatic ninja Garou, and Grail, the fallen angel, as they sought to overcome the evil machinations of the Errant Archangel of Justice, Belthazar.

As that tale ended, a thousand years passed by. Many legends were made in that long millenia, but none so vivid as that of the rise and fall of the Shadow Knight… the dark era foretold by the two-headed dragon prophet, Inzaeus. This was the time of the Duskreign Prophecy…

The Duskreign Prophecy is the current in-progress campaign. The Duskreign Prophecy focuses upon the exploits of Nathan Gellar, a young man born human, but possessed of powers no mere mortal is meant to wield. Nathan would come to be known as the Shadow Knight, and his actions were prophesied to ‘set the sun on the souls of Wyrmshadow, his dusk reigning forevermore…’ As of this writing, The Duskreign Prophecy has only just begin to be told, so be sure to check out the Duskreign Prophecy wiki to learn more about this campaign!

Duskreign’s Note: The Duskreign Prophecy takes place before, during, and after a previously run campaign, Crash and Burn, and will in-effect be replacing the old campaign altogether.

At the close of that chapter of Wyrmshadow’s vibrant history, the Shadow Knight was trapped within a unique prison, the shattered fragments of the Night Sword, and hidden across the countryside, protected in secrecy by a clandestine group called the Guardians, a group with flawed methods, but Good Intentions…

Good Intentions takes place ten years after the fall of the Shadow Knight. Sir Drogyn Martok, a war hero, had long retired his sword for a life a peace and rest. However, rumblings of the Shadow Knight’s imminent return stirred Sir Drogyn back into action once more. The aged paladin, accompanied by his famous allies, the dark sorcerer Silas Vale and the gifted ranger Boris Silverstem, sought to prevent the Shadow Knights return. However, due the the machinations of an ancient evil, the heroes found themselves to be the catalysts of the Shadow Knight’s return.

As this story came to a close, Sir Drogyn and Silas Vale proudly bore witness to the births of their children, but tragically died, along with Boris Silverstem at the hands of the Shadow Knight. This left their children to grow up in a shattered world, a literal Broken Home…

Broken Home begins twenty years after the deaths of the three men who were unwitting pawns in the return of the Shadow Knight. Drogyn, Vale, and Boris got a chance to redeem themselves. Now the physical vessels of their former gods, and the only divine forces left in all of Wyrmshadow, the three newly-risen gods, along with their now adult, quite mortal children, sought to usurp control of the world by the all-encompassing armies of the Shadow Empire. Only after over two years of strife, tragedy, heartache, and sacrifice did heroes from generations new and old emerge victorious.

After the destruction of the Shadow Empire, the three gods rose to take their seats in Arcadia, overlooking their children and the rest of Wyrmshadow, content that they finally left the world in good hands, and with a chance for lasting peace. However, as always, dark forces conspired to despoil this newfound peace, and it seemed that the children would be forces to pay for the Sins of the Fathers…

Sins of the Fathers began 25 years after the end of the Liberation War. It is a period of reconstruction, where the landscape of Wyrmshadow would be forever changed by the march of progress. However, beneath the surface of this great cultural enlightenment lays a sinister plot that begins to wreak havoc on the world’s new-found peace. Monstrous hordes, commanded by the enigmatic Dark Lady, bring turmoil and destruction to the war-weary peoples of Wyrmshadow, and it is up to two groups of heroes, the sectarian Order of Draconius and the pseudo-criminal Current, to undover the truth behind this new threat to the world. The enemies of peace and righteousness must be stopped before the world of Wyrmshadow is given a brutal reminder that War is Hell.

Accompanied by several of his most trusted allies, Sir Laurence Van Drake, intrepid hero of the Order of Draconius, bravely ventured into Infernia to locate and destroy Stendhal, a fiendish dragon whose machinations, and ties to Ar’Kulat Fa’Sado, made him a threat to all of Wyrmshadow. What Laurence found on the other side of the Kouten Hellryft was a far greater destiny than he could ever have imagined. The fate of two worlds would rest on the shoulders of this one man and his macabre menagerie of unlikely Infernal allies…

War is Hell is the story of Sir Laurence, a stranger in a strange land, who was unafraid to venture into hell itself, Infernia, in the interest of saving his world from those dark forces bent on its destruction. However, as Laurence would soon learn, not all is as it seems in Infernia, and those he once reviled for their differences would become his greatest allies in the war for control of Infernia. Together with his strange, yet loyal allies, the Dreamers, Laurence would come to be known as the Sylvres, the legendary savior of Infernia, by those who learned of this heroic avenger’s many exploits.

This was the last campaign to occur in the Wyrmshadow timeline and the most recent campaign we played through. This campaign represents the end of a century-long era in Wyrmshadow’s history called the Duskreign. The current campaign, The Duskreign Prophecy, takes place 100 years prior to the finale of War is Hell, and shows how this time of tumult and chaos began.


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