The White Lion …

The “blessing” of the White Lion.

It’s more of a blessing within a curse if you ask me. Many have bared witness to the power and grace of the white lion, and to the warrior that wields the mighty beast. The feats of this mighty warrior and the bravery he bestows are stranger to few. Many already know the tales, whether true or fabled, of the White Lion, the beast… the warrior… the “hero”.

That is why it is not the glories of the White Lion that must be told, but of the horrors. The White Lion is not some champion who rose against all odds, or who trained day and night to acquire the power he now exercises. The blessing of the White Lion is a birthright taken by choice by a foolish youth who wanted to make a name for himself…

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I found this letter on him.

I loved that man like a brother.

Now, I am prepared to marry the woman he was so obviously in love with, and to take over responsibility for the child he never even knew he was going to have with her.

I love Roena. I do. So she’ll never know about this letter. Or her letter to him. Or the picture. Or the ribbon. Or the musical notes.

I’ll just be carrying them with me, in my pocket, and trying my best to fill Kelain’s shoes

I hope he gets some kind of peace, knowing I’m keeping his warmest memories of Roena, his heart written down on parchment, as close to the woman of his dreams as I can manage without breaking her heart….

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On Runometry

This is going to be a difficult tome for me to author. The main reason for my lack of confidence in this undertaking is that, quite simply, I have never practiced Runometry. I have never even studied Runometry. I have in fact, studied around it, because I do not trust myself with the knowledge. I would attempt to use the power for good, but history has proven that regardless of the caster’s intention, once they have wielded the power to alter reality, they are compelled to do so again and again until madness consumes them.

I should start at the beginning.

Over one thousand years ago Augus Dennshray was a librarian, archaeologist, archaeolinguist, and cryptologist…

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Good morning, students.

(Pause to acknowledge anyone I recognize from the crowd)

I am Sir Maros Tempest, and I have been asked to come here today by Headmaster Galvan, an old ally of mine from the Liberation War. I have been commissioned to give a speech commemorating the Merus Wing of Saigen Hall. I can think of no better way to honor such an auspicious request than to tell the story of Merus himself.

Long ago, in the days when the shadows of the Legendary Wyrm still stretched across this land, there was the Dawning of Elven Kings. It was a glorious union of the wisest and noblest of the elven houses to form the great Southern civilization, Quae Elfien…

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