Getting Acquainted With Wyrmshadow

The World Before
Wyrmshadow was not always as it is. Long ago, the Legendary Wyrm awoke to discover itself upon a barren, ruined world that would come to be known as “The World Before.” In earnest, the Legendary Wyrm set out to rebuild the world in its shadow, using relics from this ancient world to inspire its diligent use of the powers of creation.

The Creation of Wyrmshadow
The Legendary Wyrm used the mysterious powers of creation to re-create the World Before in his shadow, populating his new world with beings that would come to be known as Ancients. One of these Ancients, the Phoenix, inherited the Legendary Wyrm’s power of creation. Another, Asmous, attained his creator’s insatiable ambition. Still more Ancients, Phi, Nus, and Aos, came to embody different aspects of their creator: a desire for justice to prevail, a love for the natural world, and a keen understanding that, just as in the World Before, all things must die.

The Fall of the Legendary Wyrm
Asmous left his brothers and sisters to discover a new realm to conquer. During his long absence, his brethren changed dramatically. With the exception of Aos, Nus, Phi, and the Phoenix, the rest of the Ancients deigned to evolve into the mortal races, such as Elves, Humans, and Dwarves. Asmous would return to Wyrmshadow at the head of a massive force of Infernal soldiers and monstrous armies, all created to help him in his quest to conquer the world upon which he was created. Though Asmous would fail in his bid to conquer Wyrmshadow, he did succeed in destroying The Legendary Wyrm. Asmous suffered deadly injuries from his battle with his creator, however, so he fled back to his own world, Infernia, to heal his wounds and bide his time.

The Ten Curses of Asmous
During his long convalescence, Asmous had his loyal Archdemon servants lay the groundwork for his eventual return to claim his prize for destroying the Legendary Wyrm. In order to weaken the ties that bound with races of Wyrmshadow together, Asmous devised a series of ten curses which would throw Wyrmshadow into chaos, rendering its peoples too distracted by their own problems to defend themselves against his invasion army.

The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix King
One thing Asmous did not consider was the role his fellow Ancient, the Phoenix, would play in spoiling his plans for future conquests. The Phoenix was unique to Wyrmshadow in that it would die only to be reborn anew whenever the world had need of a great hero to save it from whatever threatened its survival. The most recent iteration of the Phoenix, a Nasnoi druid calling himself the Phoenix King, unraveled Asmous’s plans by uniting the world under his mighty rule, negating the attrition caused by the Ten Curses of Asmous. The Archdemon Testament devised a plan to eliminate the Phoenix once and for all, knowing that the threat of the Phoenix would be insurmountable if left unchecked. The Archangel Belthazar, a servant of the former Ancient Phi, had other plans in mind for the Phoenix, plans which would change the face of Wyrmshadow forever. In the end, the Phoenix King was all but destroyed, imprisoned within a mysterious weapon known as the Night Sword…

The Night Sword
The Night Sword was the third Wyrmshadow campaign played, but the earliest chronologically. This campaign tells the story of an unfortunate group of strangers bound together not by fate, but by the sinister machinations of the Archangel Belthazar, who sought to use them as bait to draw out his enemies, and as a distraction so that he could seek the Night Sword, and the power of the Phoenix, for himself. Click here to learn more about the campaign: The Night Sword!

The Duskreign Prophecy
The Duskreign Prophecy is the current campaign we are playing, but it is worth noting that it takes place before, during, and after a previously run campaign called Crash and Burn, thus The Duskreign Prophecy practically replaces the previous campaign in the overall timeline. In this campaign, we will explore the rise and fall of Sir Nathan Gellar, a young man whose very existence is owed to Archangel Belthazar and the Night Sword. Nathan Gellar would come to be known as the Shadow Knight, perhaps the most deadly and ruthless conqueror in Wyrmshadow’s history.

Good Intentions
Good Intentions was the first campaign played in the Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting, but the third to occur chronologically. Taking place 20 years after the mysterious disappearance of the Shadow Knight, Good Intentions tells the story of retired Diocene Knight, Sir Drogyn Martok, who is called back into action by the looming threat of the Shadow Knight’s return. As the brave Sir Drogyn and his noble party would soon discover, even the noblest of efforts may bring the most disastrous of results.

Broken Home
At the end of Good Intentions, the three greatest heroes in Wyrmshadow, Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, and Boris Silverstem, had perished with the Shadow Knight’s ominous return. Broken Home begins twenty-years later with the return of these three men to a darkened shadow of their former world. Following the exploits of Captain Tarrik Martok and the crew of the pirate airship, the Peregrine, Broken Home is the story of hope’s return to a hopeless land, and of dreams of a home unbroken.

Sins of the Fathers
An era of peace reigned after the fall of the Shadow Empire 25 years ago. However, a pall of darkness yet looms from the shadows, and another generation of brave souls would contend with these shadows in an effort to, once and for all, wrest Wyrmshadow from the grips of the Duskreign and usher the world into a peaceful future. Sins of the Fathers is about the legacies left behind when heroes and villains do battle, their sins carried on the shoulders of future generations until, at last, one man said ‘enough.’

War is Hell
Sir Laurence Van Drake went bravely into hell itself, determined to end the vicious cycle of chaos and deceit that had plagued Wyrmshadow for generations past. Accompanied by a motley group comprised of old friends and new, Laurence would come to be known as Wrath, the Hellgod of Retribution, and from his allies would rise six other Hellgods, the Seven Deadly Sins that were destined to challenge the rule of Infernia and wrest the future of Wyrmshadow from the steely grasp of Asmous the Foul, thus finally breaking the black, bleak chains that had gripped Wyrmshadow for the hundred years since the dawn of the Duskreign.

AEGIS and the Shadow Knights
2,000 years after the events of War is Hell, the world is a much different place indeed. An event known as the Transition is nigh, when the world that is becomes the world yet to come. While some welcome the End of Wyrmshadow, others cling to the life they have, meager and dismal as that life may be. Unfortunately, the world is run by those who long for its end. So it falls to the outlaws, the fringers who ride their metal steeds in the desert wastes and frontier settlements, to take a stand and save their world from falling prey, from becoming yet another World Before. AEGIS and the Shadow Knights is a planned future campaign, though it may be coming sooner than you think! Stay tuned!

The World Yet to Come
What does the future hold for Wyrmshadow? Will the world end once more, leaving yet another barren husk to be rebuilt anew by whatever creator is tasked with such an honor? Will Wyrmshadow somehow be saved from falling prey to the same fate of all the worlds that came before? Some say that this cycle of creation and destruction is inevitable, that the world must die so that new world might be born, grow, and thrive. Others, however, feel it is time for the meek to inherit the world, for the victims of fate to stave off their destined demise, and for the people of Wyrmshadow to declare itself worthy of living on, even at the sake of future worlds yet to come…


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