This wiki is under construction!

I have begin a renovation project that will leave this campaign page in a state of disarray for a few weeks. At present, the idea is to simplify the layout, use color sparingly to increase its overall impact when it is put to good use, minimize excessive clutter, and present the information in an organized, easy to navigate format.

I am currently considering making the existing Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting the main hub, minimizing the data on that wiki to information that is universal across all the campaigns that have been played in the Wyrmshadow setting. Each campaign that has taken place in Wyrmshadow would thus be given its own, separate wiki patterned off of the Duskreign Prophecy campaign page. As the races, religions, etc. changed from one campaign to the next, such data would be kept in the individual campaign wikis, allowing for the Wyrmshadow Campaign Setting wiki to act as a simple, easy-to-navigate hub that leads visitors to general information about the setting and links directly to each separate campaign wiki for further details, adventure logs, etc.

I am spitballing, here, honestly. I am very open to suggestions and feedback. In fact, I’m practically begging for it.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you may choose to offer.

- Duskreign


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