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On the island of Freel the weren tribes engaged in constant warfare using weapons made from things found in nature. Knives, spears and clubs were made from wood, bone or stone. In Shidima warriors originally wielded double-edged blades like their counterparts on the mainland. Eventually they were replaced by the long, narrow, single-edged blade from which all later Shidi swords developed. These blades were forged from tempered steel.

Dwarves favored the use of the warhammer, axes and usually made use of a heavy shield. The dwarf armorers made their weapons of precious metals such as iron, steel and in some cases Mythril. Elves were masters of the longbow and deadly polearms such as the halberd. They also developed curved light swords that were ideal for slashing such as the falchion. Sea Elves from the underwater kingdom of Merus Akuai favored use of the net and trident combination.

On the mainland, Imperia became the political, economic and cultural leader of Wyrmshadow. As prosperity increased a highly organized form of fighting developed. Infantry men equipped themselves with iron-tipped spears, iron broadswords and armor forged from bronze (an alloy of copper and tin). The armor consisted of a helmet, cuirass (body armor), grieves (shin guards) and a large shield. Backed by archers, these infantry men fought in close formation protected by overlapping shields.

In later ages chain mail became replaced with full plate and the crossbow gradually replaced the longbow. Despite their very functional nature, armor, weapons and other equipment was often decorated for acts of personal bravery. Inscriptions were often placed on shields or standards.

Gnomes first developed black powder weapons such as the flintlock pistol during the late Age of the Phoenix. They were considered powerful due to their ability to pierce any armor besides plate mail, yet they were expensive weapons that required careful maintenance. In addition they were considered clumsy and imprecise as a long range weapon compared to the crossbow. They became commonly used by halflings who had an affinity for them. The pistol also became the signature weapon of the Ebon League, replacing the poisoned dagger as their favorite tool for assassinations.

During the Age of the Shadow, pistols became widespread among all races. Instability brought on by war, plague and shortages of supplies mean that communities such as Stonehaven and militias like Saigan’s Revolutionaries needed to resort to piracy. Firearms filled the void left by priests who were now powerless without their gods and spell casters who the empire hunted down and either conscripted or executed.

The Empires new fleet of Blacksail ships were outfitted with cannons. Combined with their ability to fly utiising crystech, these cannons were devastating weapons for which enemies of the empire had no defense.

The races of Wyrmshadow also choose their weapons based on religious tradition. Members of the Order of the god of justice are likely to use great swords and followers of the god of death are likely to weild the scythe. Followers of Ryss are often rangers or druids and as such tend to use weapons made by things found in nature, .

The Night Sword

If you are going to start somewhere, the profile of the Night Sword is probably a good idea.

Also? Hand grenades!

Makeshift Grenade
Light fuse and throw. In that order, preferrably.
At-WillDefault Types
Standard ActionArea Burst 1, range 6
Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex
Hit: The grenade explodes in a hail of fiery death, causing tremendous damage at the point of impact and sending searing-hot shrapnel outward to all adjacent squares.
Effect: 2d10+6 Damage at point of impact. 1d10+6 damage in all squares adjacent to the point of impact.
Miss: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Half damage on miss.



Wyrmshadow - Artifacts

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