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A nation that stretches from the murky marshes of the Bogmire in the south to the frozen reaches of the Great Northern Wastelands, bordered on the east and west by the Muhari Duskdunes and the tempestuous Storm Coast. Throughout much of modern history, Anzel has been a part of the Imperian Empire, though there is an impermeable frontier spirit in Anzel that defines the region far better than the emerald flag of Imperia ever could.

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Drakyniar is a haven for dragonkind in Wyrmshadow. Forced to abandon the mystical realm of Draconia, the dragons returned to Materia in order to aid the Liberation Army in their war to wrest control of the Wyrmshadow from the cruel grasp of the Shadow Empire. Thoron commissioned the construction of a new earthbound home for the dragons, a safe haven within which all dragons, regardless of their breed or kin, were safe and regarded as an equal citizen under the eye of Thoron.

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Built upon the ruins of Sylverton, the site of the fateful final battle against the demonic weapon Traag, Drogynia is a holy district devoted to the celebration of the return of divinity to Wyrmshadow. The city is named after the human Paladin, Sir Drogyn Martok, who died at the end of the Age of the Phoenix only to return twenty years later, during the Age of Shadow, as the reborn God of Justice.

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In the early Age of the Phoenix, Imperian explorers returned with stories of monstrous races that seemed to fantastical to be true. The sailors who visited the island called Freel described inhabitants who changed their shapes to combine the features of humans and animals. In the earliest communications between the local natives and the Imperian explorers, they discovered that the shape-changing creatures called themselves “Weren”.

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The cradle of human civilization, Idrahaal is an island nation 1,800 Miles off the eastern coast of the main continent of Wyrmshadow. Named after the legendary human hero, Idrahl, this ancient civilization was once considered the most influential and powerful nations in all of Wyrmshadow. Many of the great legends of the world originate from Idrahaal, as the Idrahli people were notorious for relying on oral history rather than the written word.

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First constructed by the Empire of Man over 50 millenia ago, the city now known as Imperia was erected in the shadow of the Rohn Highlands, centrally located between the woodlands of Anzel and the steppelands of Prair. Imperia was the northernmost city in the Idrahli-run Empire of Man, and as such, Idrahaal-inspired architectural elements can be found throughout the city, even tens of thousands of years later.

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Long ago, the aquatic elves lived in a castle of glass and sandstone along the Southern coast of the main continent of Wyrmshadow. Thousands of years ago, these coastal elves spent as much time above the waves as below. Merus changed all that when he severed his ties with the High Elven Court of Quae Elfien and migrated his people south, deep into the ocean, to build an empire of his own. Merus Akuai became the central hub of the Undertides.

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880 Miles off the eastern coast of the main continent lies a volcanic tropical island called Paradisla. Formerly inhabited by a savage tribe of cannibalistic jungle trolls, the Tamech, a tremendous volcanic eruption wiped the Tamech out over ten-thousand years ago, paving the way for the indigenous humans, once prey to the Tamech, to rebuild and thrive. Thousands of years later, the island would be the last refuge of freedom in a world shrouded in shadows.

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One of the oldest still-standing cities in Wyrmshadow, Quae Elfien is the ancestral home of the Elven race. Perverted by the Drao during the Shadow Empire’s occupation (1 YS – 22 YS), Quae Elfien grew from a beautiful, vibrant city to a macabre nightmare of towering structures, at the center of which stands Arachadis, a mile-high fortress and the home of the Shadow Empire’s Blacksail Fleet.

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Shidi Ma, also known as the Pearl of the East, is a place steeped in tradition. Analogous to our own Orient, Shidi Ma is home to the bushido culture, samurai, ninja, and ritual magics. Their language, Shidi, is a dialect based heavily on Japanese, though in the northern-most reaches of Shidi Ma, the culture is based far more heavily on Chinese culture and language, where the concept of a peaceful fighting monk somehow makes sense.

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Nestled within the heart of the continent-spanning Ilrasi Woodlands, Sud Ilras is a civilization built to emulate the systemic perfection of a tree’s anatomy. At the center of the nation is a provincial domain known as “The Root.” In fact, the elven word Ilras roughly translates into “Strong Root.” No one king or queen holds dominance over all of Sud Ilras, just as no part of a tree is more important than another.

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