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By Greg Mann (SirDrogyn)
Mounts have a long history of use in battle in Wyrmshadow. Cattle were originally used to pull wagons and farming implements. Horses were first utitlized in warfare during the late Age of the Gods. However, they weren’t ridden. They were used to pull two-person wooden war chariots. Each chariot had an archer and a driver. The chariots never collided intentionally, rather two chariots would circle on another as each archer tried to pick off the enemy horse, driver or the other archer.

By the early Age of the Phoenix, saddles were developed for riders to use with the horse. Jousting then began common in battle, as each knight used his lance to aim for his opponant’s shield in an attempt to knock him from his horse. Larger stronger war-horses were first bred during this age. Knights became trained as expert riders as heavy cavalry was used to support infantry.

Common dark elves rode on pack lizards, while elites rode giant spiders. Orcs began raising Worgs, the larger more vicious cousins of wolves and Dwarves began to domestice wild boars for use in battle. The Weren tribes of freel rarely use mounts since they all have the ability to shift to their animal and hybrid forms. Some however, have managed to tame the huge reptiles that exist on the island.

Flying mounts began to appear when Elves and rangers began taming Griffons and Pegasi to use as mounts. Demons and conjurers would often summon Nightmares or bat demons to be used to strike from above. Many battles changed course when the enemies first line of defense could soar over walls and attack behind the front lines. The longbow and the catapult developed as a response.

Very rarely, dragons would agree to partner with humans allowing for an intelligent flying mount with a powerful breath weapon. The most famous example is of course, Sir Drogyn Martok and his daughter Caerdwyn in the late Age of the Phoenix. The bond forged between the two eventually led to a formal alliance between the Alliance of Free Peoples and the Platinum Dragon King Thoron during the Age of the Shadow. Occasionally members of the AFP would be permitted to ride the few surviving dragons into battle against the dreaded Blacksail Air Fleet in the skies over Wyrmshadow.

In the Age of the Enlightened the use of mounts continues to evolve as it has over millenia. It remains to be seen what effect advances in technology such as cannons and the widespread use of firearms have on the use of mounts in Wyrmshadow.



Wyrmshadow - Creatures

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