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After the fall of the Phoenix King, the world fell into chaos. Old allies became bitter enemies as the leaders of the world’s nations became embroiled in the power vacuum the Phoenix King left in his wake. At the center of all this chaos was a sword, found at the site of the Phoenix King’s death, forged from the solidified blood of both the Phoenix King and his deceased, demonic killer, Oblivion. This weapon came to be known as the Night Sword, as the metal appeared to constantly reflect a clear, starry night sky. The War of the Night Sword was fought, and it was truly a global conflict, with the rulers of every nation eager to claim the weapon, and the Phoenix King’s legacy, as their own.

During the final months of the war, the sword was lost. A clandestine group calling itself the Guardians absconded with the weapon, carefully hiding it away, keenly aware of the power inherent within the blade. The Night Sword was a prison that held in check the soul of the Phoenix, an Ancient force that was reborn in different men and women from many races throughout history. The Phoenix would return in times of great turmoil, when a powerful force reared its head, and when the world needed a hero to face this danger without fear. The demons knew that the only way to prevent the returning hero from foiling their plans to invade Wyrmshadow was to somehow break the Phoenix’s cycle of death and rebirth. Thus, Oblivion was sent to destroy both the Phoenix King and himself, their combined blood siphoning the immortal essence within the Night Sword, which then could be destroyed in order to finally rid Wyrmshadow of the Phoenix once and for all.

Rumors spread among the demons of a group, the Order of the Three, that knew of the location and secrets of the Night Sword. The rumors were true, but these three individuals, Orrus Gaultaire, Simone Delial, and the Fallen Archangel, Belthazar, needed the freedom to act out their own plans without the demons interference. The true Order of the Three had plans for the Night Sword. Specifically, they desired to use the imprisoned power of the Phoenix to create their own version of the returning hero: one that would serve the Order of the Three. It was, in their estimation, a noble goal. However, in order to pursue this goal, they needed their enemies to be distracted and focused on an alternative threat.

That was where our hapless heroes came into play. Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword is the tale of three hapless warriors, the Nas’noi Ninja Garou, the shiftless Rogue Regult, and the fallen angel Grail, as they were hunted by the demons and other forces of the world. These three men and their allies were targets of the biggest case of mistaken identity in the history of the world of Wyrmshadow. The true Order of the Three had manipulated the lives of these three men, positioning them to be believable approximations of the Order of the Three themselves. Then, with a few simple rumors spread through the proper channels, the heroes of Wyrmshadow: The Night Sword became known as the Order of the Three, inheriting all of their enemies, and buying Belthazar, Gaultaire, and Delial the time they needed to succeed in their plans.

The Order of the Three (and their allies) includes: Garou, Grail, Regult, Quill, Kesaji Canaga, Kasai Ogatsu, Edwyn Riverford, Inzaus, Vok’Tarrak Or’Akral, Gau’Rukh Or’Kavanok, Beh’Rhuna Or’Avantar, Dargenhurst Stonefury, Warmaster Aganon, Friar Fendlewyk, Caenus Graymane, Provectus Graymane, and Largus Vendt.

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Insurrection grips the nation of Imperia! A mysterious warrior calling himself the Shadow Knight entered the court of Imperia’s Emerald Emperor Koslov and slew him in his own throne! Panic gripped the nation and indeed all of Wyrmshadow, as this assassination was but the first shed blood of a massive, sudden, and brilliantly executed coup. With Koslov dead, the Shadow Knight assumed his throne, forced his armies into retreat, and declared all of Wyrmshadow his sovereign Shadow Empire. Our story follows the Shadow Knight’s greatest generals, the Drao Strategist Morkhan Latmour, the enigmatic Living Polymorph known by many names, yet referring to himself as The Nameless, and the brutal Fiendish Troll, Traag.

Though there would be another opportunity for the Shadow Empire to thrive, during the Shadow Knight’s Insurrection, the empire was comprised of legions of monsters led by the Shadow Generals. Wyrmshadow trembled, for the briefest moments, before the might of these generals. For all intents, they were the true Shadow Empire.

The Shadow Empire includes: The Shadow Knight, Morkhan Latmour, Nameless, Traag, Medrahna Nus’Naveidtra, and Neklorde Muldathia, as well as countless Drao and many thousands of orcs, goblins, trolls, and other manlike monsters.

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Our story begins on the crossroads town of Sylverton, along the Yonsal Road connecting Imperia to the Prair Shirelands. Sir Drogyn Martok is a hero who aided in the defeat of the Shadow Knight’s Insurrection and the dismantling of the fledgling Shadow Empire. Sir Drogyn retired to Sylverton after the war, hanging up his sword and armor, and opening up a bar in the bustling frontier town. He married a sweet girl he met in Sylverton during his tenure as a Paladin of Hyronius, and, content with the life of a helpful, friendly barman, Drogyn finally felt like he found the life he always wanted.

But threats once thought long subsided began to surface into the world once more, and monsters loomed in the dark shadows of Wyrmshadow again. After the mysterious death of his wife, Sir Drogyn began to pine for his adventuring days, and he began to venture out on occasion, testing his resolve, regaining his strength, and investigating the recent disturbances that so closely echoed the rise of the Shadow Knight a decade before. After being approached by Mayor McCaseus of Sylverton for his aid in ridding the surrounding lands of the ever-encroaching forces of goblins, trolls, and kobolds, Drogyn sent word for his old friends, the ranger Boris Silverstem and the infamous sorcerer, Silas Vale, informing them of his intention to crusade for Hyronius once more, and asking for their help in doing so.

Drogyn, Vale, Boris, the Weren Felite (Were-Tiger) monk Sharakh, and the Zardian (Lizardfolk) barbarian Crossel ventured forth to defeat the mysterious forces conspiring to free the Shadow Knight from his mysterious prison. Along their journey, these indomitable warriors met many friends, bested many foes, and shared times both joyous and tragic. Their quest became a hunt to find the Guardians, an ancient order of powerful beings entrusted with the fragments of the Shadow Knight’s prison. Catastrophe reared itself as the heroes discovered that they were but pawns, mere instruments of manipulative forces maneuvering Sir Drogyn’s Party into being the catalysts for the Shadow Knight’s return. The world would fall into darkness, despite Sir Drogyn’s Good Intentions…

Sir Drogyn’s Party includes: Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, Boris Silverstem, Sharakh Hexan, Crossel, Ayla Martok, Tarrik Broadleaf, Rynn Woodsong, Shaleria Hakkari, Caerdwyn Martok, and Cordelia Nes’Nuvel.

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Twenty years ago, our heroes failed to prevent our world from falling into the shadows. Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, and Boris Silverstem were on a noble quest to save the world from the threat of the Shadow Knight’s imminent return. In fact, their quest was a fraud, a scheme of the Archangel Belthazar to arrange for the release of the Shadow Knight from his prison within the broken shards of the Night Sword. In their failure, our home was broken.

Freedom is a myth to most of the peoples of Wyrmshadow nowadays. The Shadow Empire is all-encompassing and unrelenting in its efforts to crush the hopes of every man, woman, and child in the world. Their cruelty is as senseless as it is merciless. The world needs heroes, but it has to settle for pirates. That’s where the Peregrine and its raucous crew comes into our story.

Led by Captain Tarrik Martok, whose surname is a curse due to his father’s perceived role in the rise of the Shadow Empire, the Peregrine crew is comprised of adventurous souls, courageous and foolhardy, collected from the far reaches of Wyrmshadow in the interests of pursuing what tiny vestige of freedom yet remained in this ruined world. The Peregrine, an airship designed by the Gnomes of Windjammer Isle, shares the skies of Wyrmshadow with an armada of massive Drao-run airborne vessels, the Blacksails. The crew of the Peregrine face dangers beyond measure on a daily basis. Life is hard in the world of Wyrmshadow: Broken Home. These brave men and women try to make the best of it, or die trying.

    The Peregrine is an airship, and one of the first of its kind in the history of Wyrmshadow.
  • The ship’s captain, Tarrik Martok, is renowned for running his ship from the helm, as it is said all great captains do.
  • His first officer, Claire Martok, is the Captain’s right hand and commands the ship whenever the captain is otherwise occupied.
  • Maros Tempest, the Merusian expatriate, is the Peregrine’s Navigator and commands the ship when both the Captain and Claire aren’t aboard the vessel.
  • Daythin Relagia, a Simite Weren (Were-Gorilla), is the Boatswain of the Peregrine. He supervises the crew and manages the cargo, quartermaster, and munitions duties on the vessel.
  • Vikter Van Drake is a former priest of Hyronius and the ship’s medic.
  • The Peregrine is manned by a crew of 50 men and women. No-one on this ship is considered a civilian. Everyone can be expected, at any time, to grab a weapon and fight for the Peregrine and for her port-of-call, Stonehaven.
Peregrine Crew members include: Captain Tarrik Martok, First Officer Claire Martok, Navigator Maros Tempest, Boatswain Daythin Relagia, Sir Drogyn Martok, Silas Vale, Boris Silverstem, Darien Vale, Melchior Martok, Bulroq T’Orn, Qorg, Auriq Sinystre, Miles Vaurtehk, Crucia San Sagahl, Remy Blanchemont, Vikter Van Drake, Fliq Nerino, Farah Gremioh, Crossel, Maerlyn Zau’Ombra, Korvus Misaro, Fujin Jagan, Balefyre, Arthur Deschain, Jessa “Edge” Lanzhir, Halvert Ganlon, Rhaine Sylvenglade, Cal’Syee Windrift, Kurai Deepnight-Relagia, Inspector Ichivon Galvan, Gradius Sardicc, Gyruss Vintok, Galaga Inzuroch, Darxide Xen, Qix Manaweaver, Daria Sall, and dozens of others.

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The societies that grew from the ashes left behind after the Shadow War were largely patterned after those that had fallen in the Shadow Knight’s twenty-two year reign of terror. The Current grew out of the idea that rather than grasping onto what the world had lost, the people should embrace the wild, unfettered world they had at hand. The Current, as a result, is a union of like-minded individuals who live not as citizens of any nation or members of any established social order, but as individuals free from the confines and boundaries imposed by such institutions. According to Current members, they are the only truly free people in all of Wyrmshadow.

Led by an enigmatic trio whose identity is among the most well kept secrets in all of Wyrmshadow, The Current is said to have as many as ten-thousand members, and those numbers are growing. They are considered a rogue organization by many nations, and are actively pursued by the militias of most cities as a criminal enterprise. They often defend against such charges because they discourage theft for excess profit. In fact, the Current is far from an evil organization, and is largely accepting of members from all walks of life.

    The current has several simple rules. They do not advocate anarchy, nor do they encourage disregard for the rights of others.
  • The world must be protected from Tyrants, even if they seem like Heroes. The Shadow Knight was once considered a hero. Look how that turned out.
  • If we kill, it has to matter. We don’t kill for fun or mere material gains. We kill to protect, defend, or improve the world.
  • The land we walk on, its trees and oceans and skies, are all we have to leave our children, so they are all that we really hold sacred. We can live without destroying, so we should try to.
  • We do not worship gods just because we know them to exist, but we are ever resourceful, and we will not turn down help when it is offered.
  • We will be labeled criminals and outcasts. We will be captured, tortured, and killed for these common thoughts we share. Let’s live as much as we can until that happens, and try to make our deaths mean something worthwhile.
  • We are everywhere and nowhere at once, an ally and an enemy at once, and the only truly free men and women in all of Wyrmshadow.
Current members include Reks Relagia, Moon Duskbane, Maerlyn Zau’Ombra, S’zeves V’destrii, Kelain Iolius, Borgamat Cadash, Varen Gilles, Auleak, Aelanah Beastfriend, and Yadykath Rathsqar among tens of thousands of others.

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The Shadow Empire left the world a scattered, muddled mess, a chaotic state in which the concepts of justice and peace were almost impossible to imagine, and we in danger of becoming a modern Wyrmshadow’s myth. That was until the return of the Elder Gods: Veil, Ryss, and of course, Draconius. The three Elder Gods helped to solidify Saigen’s resistance into a force worthy of inheriting Wyrmshadow once the Black and Green banners of Shadow Imperia fell once and for all. Faith, and belief in the concept of justice and virtue, became a reality once more. Hope sprang forth, a single flower in a barren wasteland.

Led by Archbishop Vikter Van Drake and an assembly of the faithful, the Order of Draconius has taken upon itself the duty of returning such concepts as justice, order, and peace to the furthest corners of the world of Wyrmshadow. Their members are not limited to the pious, or even the faithful, but to those who uphold the same core values as the Order. The Order is not a religious institution by doctrine, but an officially sanctioned multi-national coalition for justice. Their numbers have declined over the years, but they are still counted as one of the most populous and well-trained para-military forces in Wyrmshadow. At last count, there were nearly thirty-thousand Order members, ranging from the noble Paladins and Avengers to the bounty hunters and mercenaries who bring villainous sorts to justice for profit, to practitioners of the mystical arts, to volunteers and conscripts.

    The Order have a system of laws that govern their actions in pursuit of justice.
  • We shall seek out the wicked wherever they run, wherever they hide, and bring them to justice for their crimes against society.
  • We will aid the downtrodden, protect the defenseless, and uphold the security of Wyrmshadow wherever our footsteps may take us.
  • We will abide by the laws of the nation within which we tread, and we will not usurp the sovereign rights of those whom we serve in defense.
  • We will not turn away a helping hand, but will not turn a blind eye to any crime.
  • We may be called heroes, but we are humble men and women just trying to make a difference. We will not use our acts within the Order to advance ourselves in society, but to advance society itself.
  • We will be vigilant even against the most dangerous of foes, stay standing in the darkest of days, and prevail against the tides of chaos. Such is our doctrine, and such is life in the Order.
Order members include Laurence Van Drake, Morik Martok, Roena Martok, Crossel Martok, Hector Van Houten, Vespe Tigh, Pac Sapius, Rynee Woodsong, Jaden Vale, Elosian Sylvres, and thousands of others.

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The Ebon League

...from the campaigns: Good Intentions, Broken Home, & Sins of the Fathers
A clandestine human cult borne of the concepts of frontier justice, then twisted to suit the darkest of Infernal purposes. The Ebon League was once a pseudo-religious guild of independent security contractors whose work, and deadly effectiveness, went to only the highest of bidders. In some ways, the Ebon League of old had much in common with the modern culture known as The Current, save for the Current’s lack of a religious element.

At any given time throughout the long and storied history of the Ebon League, the leader bore a black cloth shroud with a white human skull painted on it, a wide-brimmed frontier-style hat worn above it, and the toughest, most skillful and effective man in the Ebon League within it. This man was known as Dead Aim. The religious aspects stemmed from the concepts of faith as a source of power. At some time near the 13th century Y.P., members of a more secular Ebon League discovered the manner in which divine beings like the gods were able to draw upon the faith of their subjects as a source of incredible power. It is thought that this discovery was made through use of the illegal magical science known as Runometry, which may not be too surprising considering that the Ebon League had its roots within the ancient organization known as the Luminati, a member of which was the infamous magical scientist, Augus Dennshray.

    The Ebon League empowers its leadership by worshiping the mask of Dead Aim as a divine implement, through which the bearer is capable of amazing feats of superhuman agility, endurance, and skill. The Ebon League has several stringent codes by which all members must live or else become the next victim of Dead Aim.
  • Keep ever holy the Mask of Dead-Aim, seeking out and killing whatever bastards dare to disgrace it by saying or doing otherwise.
  • Keep skilled in the weapons of the open range, and always shoot to kill if possible, for a wasted bullet is a wasted opportunity.
  • There are no societies, no nations, no religious groups, no worlds in which we are forbidden to tread or in which we should fear to do so.
  • We will be hated, and let them hate us, for their jealousy and fear are byproducts of our overwhelming influence on their world, in their lives, over their deaths should it ever suit us to cause them.
  • Our lives are cheap compared to our reputations and those of our families.
The Ebon League does not keep written records of their membership, nor do they have organized gatherings. There are many members, sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands, and perhaps the most dangerous part about that is the near impossibility of telling them apart from anyone else. They wear a Dead-Aim style mask when operating within the League, but otherwise they blend into and utterly disappear within every known society of Wyrmshadow.

Rumors have long been spread of a common dream shared by a number of special individuals throughout Infernia. This dream is not a lofty aspiration or a flimsy, naive shared desire, but a literal mental image that haunts a large number of Infernians from all races and walks of life. The people who have experienced this dream, even if only once in their lives, are forever changed by the experience. Though they share no common bonds other than the same vivid dream, there are those who believe the Dreamers may pose a very real threat to Lord Asmous the Foul and his rule over all of Infernia.

The dream is of a great savior, the Sylvres, which is the Pylean word for savior. This Sylvres is said to be a stranger in a strange land, who went to fight for his Infernal brethren in Gods’ Country. Infernians refer to Materia as Gods’ Country because that realm is the only one that the gods seem to care about. The dream depicts the return of the Sylvres, his rise to power, and the fall of Asmous the Foul at his feet. Though the details of the dream are quite vague, the fact is that a great number men, women, and children, from elves to humans to tieflings and demons, have had the same images in their head. The Dreamers have not gone unnoticed by those in power throughout Infernia, and they are being hunted down, enslaved, or killed because of the dream. For some Dreamers, their shared peril, along with the possibility of aiding in the creation of a free Infernia, have led them to organize, rebel, and take a stand. They have embraced the dream. They are the true Dreamers.

Dreamers and their allies include Laurence Van Drake, Crodonvos, Cade Haarkoth, Shaden Liixe, Daegys Sahii, T’Saira Behntrilo, Elosian Sylvres, Tagar, Cackle, Cylia Stormdawn, Impious Impington “Impy” Impstein, S’zeves V’destrii, and many others.

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